HP Omen has produced a set of headphones that keep your ears cool during long hours of gaming – a pretty cool concept if you ask me. 

Equipped with thermoelectric devices, each ear cup contains special fabrics that actively keep your ears cooler during longer gaming sessions. An experience that could once be considered uncomfortable, HP’s latest headset will now give you the ability to carry on to your 11th gaming hour of Fortnite with ease. 

As well as refraining from using fans to cool the ear cups down to prevent any further noise, the brand has utilized noise cancellation features within the headset to enhance the overall experience.  

Alongside the Mindframe headset, HP has revealed this week at Gamescom that additional new Omen products will be added to the range. 

When will the headset be available? The headset will available for you to get your hands on this October. 

How much will it cost me? HP’s Omen Mindframe cooling headset has been priced at a starting point of $199. 

Although positioned at a slightly higher price point, this headset will finally rid you hardcore gamers from uncomfortable sweaty ears, at long last. 

Whilst you’re waiting to get your hands on a pair, why not visit our website and purchase a different, but just as high-quality, gaming headset to give you that competitive edge whilst gaming.

Anya Beuzeval

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