Alexa; is my job safe?

Currently, the majority of the human race is in what is known as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which refers to the digital and technological advancements society has made in the last few years and all the benefits and advantages that they have brought with them.

Most recently included, and becoming more and more popular every day, is the introduction of conversational applications. Think the Amazon Alexa, the Google Home, and any other of the home-based smart hubs.

These devices are designed to make your assistant experience even more fluid and faster than ever before. You don’t even need to type anything anymore, you can simply talk to it instead, which has brought about so many advantages in and around the home.

However, what does this type of technology mean for the modern workforce? More importantly, what does it mean for the future of the workforce? Carry on reading to find out. 

Improved Communication & Productivity

Since communicating is such an important role for any business, the ability to talk to a machine to receive data eliminates the risk of human error taking place, thus improving accuracy and efficiency. This is relevant across all departments, and on an inter-departmental basis.

For example, let’s imagine the survey statistics in your customer service department are uploaded via sales and customer representative staff who are making sure they’re providing a good experience. The marketing team now want access to bits and pieces of this information so they can create a marketing strategy that works.

Instead of calling or emailing the customer service department, thus opening the door to human error, distraction and procrastination, the marketing department can simply ask the voice assistant whenever they need to know something, and they can be told accurately in a second.

Thus, with improved communication rolling out across your company, you can then start to see a dramatic increase in the accuracy of results, a massive improvement in communication, and everybody being able to get on with their jobs without having to rely too much on other people getting things wrong.

Improved Customer Service

As voice assistants are being rolled out in homes, people are becoming more and more used to the sound of an automated voice; this means businesses can start implementing it into how they run their business, especially when it comes to departments like customer service.

This will stop helpdesks feeling overwhelmed, and when it comes to global services, such as Facebook, YouTube, and other services with billions of users, they’ll be able to implement a more effective service, which in turn will create more opportunities for the business, and the users.

Better Recruitment Rates

When it comes to recruiting employees for your business, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s a lot of human elements involved. From the paperwork to the interviews, a human touch is currently needed to make the decisions as to whether someone is right for the business.

However, with the rise and the ever-increasing developments of AI, better, more accurate decisions can be made as to whether a person is right for the job or not. Are you feeling futuristic? IBM has implemented this software into their company and is beginning to roll it out around the world.

This allows for a much wider and more personalized search, both for the recruiters and the candidates, meaning more and more people will be able to fit themselves into job roles that are better suited for them, as well as being in companies where they fit into the culture perfectly.

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Author Bio: Chloe Bennet is a technology blogger. She helps businesses upgrade their processes and networks, and edits and proofreads company emails. 

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