There are different reasons why people wear headphones. Firstly, it is the best way to free your hands from holding your phone while you are talking to someone. Aside from that, it is also a great way to listen to music or anything free from any distractions. Whatever your reason is, you have to know that there is a proper way for you to wear your headphones. Not being able to do so will certainly cause discomfort on your part. 

So, after choosing the pair of headphones you want to wear, we recommended following these steps for ultimate comfort, fit, and performance: 

How to correctly wear headphones round-up:

  • Choose the type of headset you want to wear based on your needs and what is comfortable
  • Check the “L” and “R” labels near the ear cups
  • Hook the first bud into your left ear hole, then followed by the right 
  • Place the headband right in the middle of your head
  • Remove any jewellery or ear wear

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Choose the type of headset you want to wear:

There are different types of headset and headphones. The best way for you to choose is to know your needs and to know what is comfortable for you. What is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable with the other. This is why you also need to try it first before you purchase. You can choose from the one that can go over your head, the one you can wear around your ear and that piece with earbuds that can be worn inside your ear. Once you have already decided which of these designs and types will perfectly work for you, it will now be more comfortable for you to use it and ensure you get a pair of the best headphones. 

Check the “L” and “R” labels near the ear cups:

For most people, they don’t really care about the labels of the ear cups. This is a common mistake that is also the reason why you cannot enjoy the maximum loudness and clearness of the sound coming from your earphones. Before you wear it, check for the “L” which stands for left and “R” which stands for right signs on the ear cups. There is a special reason why the earphones are marked and there is also a special reason why one part should be worn on the left and the other on the right. This is for maximum enjoyment of good sound. If you are not going to follow it, you will not enjoy the music that you are listening to. 

Hook the first bud into your left ear hole:

If you are wearing earphones with earbuds, you have to put the bud one after the other. You may start with your left ear. Gently push it to your ear canal until it rests comfortably in the outer part of your ear hole. Do not force this process because it may hurt your ear if you do so. You do not have to insert those buds completely on your ear canal. 

Repeat with the right ear hole and adjust as necessary:

Now that the other bud is comfortably resting on your other ear, you can now repeat the process to your right ear. The reason why you have to do it from one ear to the other is for you to be able to adjust it. Even ears can sometimes be asymmetrical and you just have to put the earbuds in such a way that it is going to be comfortable for you. 

Place the headband right in the middle of your head:

If you have chosen the headphones with a band that is worn over the head, you do not have to worry about placing buds inside your ear. All you need to do is to place the headband right in the middle of your head to make sure that it will not slide or it will not fall. You would notice that is snugs comfortably on the top of the head. If the fitting is not right, you can just adjust it for it to be placed perfectly on the head and the ears. The ear cups should be perfectly fitting to your ears and make this a basis for your headband adjustment. 

Remove any jewellery or ear wear:

One of the most practical and safest thing that you have to remember when you are about to wear earphones is to remove all the jewellery and ear wear that you are wearing. This way, you will not experience pain when the ear cups are worn and it can also cause discomfort. If you do not want your earphones or any of your ear wear to be damaged, you have to remove the latter before wearing the earphones. 


How long is it safe to wear headphones for?

We recommend using headphones for no more than 90 minutes a day, at no more than 80% max volume. If you do find yourself wearing headphones a lot, a good rule to follow is the 60/60 rule: wear headphones for no longer than 60 minutes at any one time at no more than 60% of the max volume.

What happens if you use headphones too much?

If you wear headphones or earbuds for too long or listen to music too loudly, it can damage your hearing or make you get an ear infection.

Can you sleep with headphones on? 

Simply put, yes. However, if you are planning on sleeping with headphones in you will need to avoid on-ear or over-ear headphones as they might get in the way of you sleeping. In particular, wired headphones can become dangerous as the wire could tangle.  If you plan on sleeping with headphones in to block out outside noise try to stick to genres of music or podcasts that will help send you to sleep. We also recommend setting a timer on your phone so your audio isn’t on all night.

Correctly wearing your headphones:

Wearing your headphones right will certainly give you a better experience in listening to music, conversing or watching. The most important tip is for you to make sure that the sound is in moderation. This way, you will not experience any irritation or ear damage from using earphones. Aside from these tips, make sure you choose a pair of headphones that are from a reputable brand and aren’t cheap knock-offs. 

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Author Bio: Steve Scott is a writer who loves to write articles on the latest headphones and related audio technology news, tips and reviews.

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