Computer generated images have become the intrinsic visual recipe for every video game today.

As it is, it is hard to bring out some of the dynamic effects in games with traditional photography. More often than not, augmented realities explored though CGI are what make the gaming industry a core part of the entertainment industry. Over time, the gaming world has widely evolved with advancements from one technology to another. Below, we take a look at how CGI has revolutionised the graphics that are in video games:

Lighting capabilities

Lighting in projecting realism in video games has already broken through some traditional boundaries. Light does not have to be perpetual and stable. The lighting exuded in video games through CGI is manipulated to bring in effects that natural lighting would not be sufficient to achieve. Some of the hurdles set up in different games are made possible by technological manipulation of light to bring out the desired effects.

Heroes of Storm 2015

Complexities of the imagery

Some of the objects in games are a projection of people’s wild imaginations. The polygons and shmolygons are shapes manipulated to come up with images that mimic photo-realism as much as possible. Technically, CGI technology is leaning more and more toward interactive characters, which make gaming more fun for the players. As technology advances, developers are coming up with supercomputers and machinery, some specialised for a particular CMS level like the WordPress product configurator. Soon, artificial intelligence will take over the field of gaming, and any other digital platforms for that matter, to deliver perfection on matters of image complexities.

Flexibilities and limitless possibilities

Unlike with traditional photography, CGI has brought in very fresh perspectives in gaming graphics. People no longer have to deal with white pixels over a black screen. They can explore their imaginations far and beyond and bring them into life. Much as some of the imagination that gamers have are far from everyday reality, people can enjoy what they deem fun and have a short escape from the real world.

The issues of flexibility in exploiting endless possibilities are quickly being changed by artificial intelligence and robots. With time, the new technology will allow for the fundamental shaping of tools that is indistinguishable from the real-life world.

3D instead of 2D

Every year has marked a technological advancement for the gaming industry. Developers are competing to come up with the best graphics yet, thanks to 3D technology that offers matchless cinematic realism. The jump from 2D to 3D still stands as one of the greatest advancements of the computer-generated imagery in the gaming industry.

With 3D, gamers get fully immersed into the gaming experience, sometimes feeling like they are part of the game itself. As gamers up their gadgets to get the best experience out of their gameplay, developers give their best shots in coming up with the most dramatic and thrilling 3D experiences for the gamers. Objects are more real in 3D than in 2D, which means the experience is also much better than the latter.

Halo 2

Artistic capabilities and creativity

There has been a debate on whether or not CGI increases or discourages creativity. While people still hold different opinions, developers have gone ahead to try out as much as technology allows them. Creatures anticipated to raid the future, and some existing from the past have all become part of game creation. As the industry continues to grow, more innovation and creativity is released. The young and old are all putting together their ideas to resolve into different artistic styles. This is one major reason while gaming is gaining a lot of prominence in the entertainment industry.

As technology keeps advancing and incredible inventions are developed, you can certainly expect the gaming industry to keep evolving. The realism achieved in games will evolve through more sophisticated 3D rendering, robots and artificial intelligence.

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