Professional wedding photography is a high-pressure job. Every couple wants their wedding photos to reflect their special day beautifully so that they can look back on them proudly throughout the rest of their marriage. These photos will be framed on the walls, put in photo albums and shown to their kids and grandkids in the future. It’s crucial the photographer gets all the memorable moments and details on camera. 

The makings of a beautiful photograph come down to many different factors: Good lighting and composition are fundamental rules in any type of photography. In professional wedding photography, it’s all about using these elements to capture the pure joy and emotion of the day. Here are a few tips on how to take your wedding photos to the next level.

Scope Out the Venue Ahead of Time

As the wedding photographer, it’s essential that you visit the location before the ceremony begins in order to prepare. This way, you will be able to plan what angles you can get, discover gorgeous backgrounds for groups shots, and find out what the light is like. Preparation is very necessary in wedding photography, but remember to also leave room for spontaneity throughout the day.

Capture the Natural Moments in Between Poses

When you’re doing group photos of the wedding party, make sure to also capture all those great moments in between the poses. Get everyone to do a ‘silly’ pose for the camera, then continue to take photos of them after that moment happens. By capturing their authentic laughter and smiles, the photos will appear much more natural and fun. Sometimes the most interesting photos of people are the ones that aren’t planned and posed.

Get to know the Wedding Party & Guests

Connection is key in professional wedding photography. Stronger photos are created when you have a connection with the people you are photographing. It’s up to the photographer to make everyone feel comfortable and confident in the photos. You should also make an effort to learn the names of the immediate family and wedding party members. This gives off a sense of thoughtfulness and warmth that everyone will respond well to.  

Show Off the Bride’s Wedding Dress 

Getting the bridal portraits right is essential. The bride likely spent many of her days trying to find the perfect wedding dress, so it’s important that you showcase it well in photos. Find a gorgeous background and try to make the most of the natural soft lighting. The golden hours of the day are the best time to take the bridal portraits, as it will allow the bride to be backlit by the sun. This will make the dress and veil glow beautifully and make for a stunning photo. Try various gorgeous backgrounds, angles, positions and poses to highlight different details of the dress. 

Try Black and White

One of the best wedding photography tips and ideas is to edit some of the photos in black and white. Black and white gives an entirely different feel to a photograph. They have a timeless, classic look that will take your wedding photos to the next level. Black and white photography also works really well to highlight the emotion of the people being photographed. You may choose to edit only a few photos in black and white, like the pre-ceremony wedding photos or just the reception shots. Before doing so, you will need to speak with the couple to make sure they are okay with it.

Sofia Lockett is an Auckland based writer with a passion for travel and technology. Sofia has previously written for travel sites such as www.tanoatusitala.com.

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