As of today, mobile use is continuously rewriting the rules and expanding the options to meet the consumer’s expectations higher than ever. During the past few years, we saw the distribution and releases of some of the most desirable smartphones ever conceived – thus, 2017 has been a great year for smartphones.

But it doesn’t stop there.

As the technology continues to introduce new advances and innovation to us every minute, in 2018, we can expect further refinements, whole new batches of tempting handsets, and mass adoptions of a certain trend in both tablets and smartphones.

Increase in mobile engagement

In this year, more and more companies will find effective ways on how to improve their mobile engagement. They will expand their focus not just only on getting the app downloads, but also give the users reasons to come back for more. Developers will also focus on the content creation based on the mobile-friendliness.

On the recent Cyber Monday sale, an increased number of mobile shoppers have set new records. All in all, the increase in emphasis on the development of both UI (User Interfaces) and UX (User Experiences) will be one of the biggest trends in mobile industry scenes.

Interconnectivity of Mobile apps

In addition to an increased engagement, finding different technological advances in terms of connecting mobile applications to other external or third-party tools will rise. For example, the trend can now be seen in the use of active or special-based beacons which gives the users notification about the relevant and updated information sourced from the app once they reach a specific geographic landmark.

Focus / Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

The use of AR (Augmented Reality) applications

AR or the Augmented Reality has become an increasingly popular trend in the digital world. Over a year ago, the craze about the application called Pokémon Go sparked the use of AR in mobile. This can now be seen in large companies like Amazon as they integrate their apps with the use of this technology. The Amazon AR shopping feature allows the shopper to browse and shop for household appliances or any products and then preview them using their mobile device.

So, this year, expect that more and more industries will use the AR technology as a leverage to their audience.

Smartphone screens will get larger

As of today, mobile industries are now expanding the normal screen sizes of the smartphones and continue to improve the phone’s overall functionality. As people begin to use their mobile phones for different purposes like browsing the web or watching videos, they will prefer devices with larger screens.

Blippar introduces ‘Halos’ facial recognition feature on its mobile app - TechCrunch

Facial Unlocking technology

The first facial recognition technology that has been integrated into mobile use was Apple’s Face ID. The use of innovative biometrics has improved authentication and security in terms of fast and reliable process. Samsung also offers iris scanning but still needs to innovate in the future.

Wireless Charging is in

Wireless charging has become a new trend. Recently, biggest smartphone manufacturers have now embraced the idea of wireless charging and it is no wonder that this idea will become reality in the near future and become a norm in mobile use.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is still on the trend

Just like in the different online e-commerce websites, the use of AI technology to increase their lead generation and sales has become a norm. This fact gives the idea of integrating mobile apps with the use of AI technology. For example, if a user wants to purchase a high-spec computer, he/she could visit an online computer store with just a click of a button and from these sites or sometimes they run via apps, users could already get relevant information about the product and based on his location or demographics. Acquiring items is as easy as browsing and a push of a button with all of these convenient technological advancements.

This is all possible with the use of Artificial intelligence technologies on tablets or mobile phones. This could be also seen on the Amazon’s Alexa and Huawei’s AI play.

As the years go by, the advance in the latest trends in technology is an ever-changing process. It is no surprise that future of the existing mobile technology will continuously innovate to integrate different tablet and mobile applications that could meet the consumer’s specific demands – or simply, makes our lives easier.

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