Five Hot Tips For Your Summer Photography


Five Hot Tips for your Summer Photography

The summer is on its way and if you are partial to a bit of photography during those months then we have five hot tips to help your summer look like the best ever!

1. Light is everything

light-is-everythingPhotography in the midday sun is one sure way to have your images washed out and devoid of interesting colours.

summer-lightThere’s a period of time one hour after the sun rises and one hour before the sun sets that photographers call the “Golden Hour“. This Golden Hour is generally the best time to take your images as the sun is low in the sky and the light is soft which helps to produce warm vivid colours.

morning-light2. Use Flare

use-flareFlare is when a light source (The Sun) is shining directly through the lens. This light then creates a light pattern on the image as seen above.

photography-flareA lot of photographers choose to avoid lens flare. However, you can use this to good effect if you think more creatively. Including Flare into your pictures can add greater depth and will also give a greater sense of the summer conditions you find yourself in.

lens-flare3. Silhouettes

silhouettes-for-your-summer-photographyHaving an abundance of summer light around will enable you to look for interesting shapes and figures to use as silhouettes. Almost any subject can be turned into a silhouette but some silhouettes will be stronger than others.

silhouettes-of-familyFriends and family make great subjects, get them to participate in an activity rather than just stand there!

silhouette-of-photographer4. Focal Length

If you are using a DSLR you will have the option of changing lenses to give you a different perspective. Think about using a longer focal length when you ordinarily would use a standard size lens, this will compress the scene and bring your subjects closer to you.


Or perhaps a wide angle would give you wholly different perspective!

5. Black and White

summer-black-and-whiteWhen you think of summer photography most people imagine beautifully colourful photos. However, why not zig when everyone zags and shoot your summer in black and white. Let your images stand out from the crowd!


OK……Six Hot Tips for your Summer Photography

6. Fun

have-fun-with-your-photographyHave fun with your photography. Use your camera to capture the fun things in life over the summer. Those images will help remind you of the amazing time you had over the summer.




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