Since they were invented more than 60 years ago, physical hard drives have drastically transformed in terms of size, capacity, and price.

The development in technology has given companies the ability to manufacture smaller, greater capacity storage devices at practical costs. However, hard drives haven’t always been as small and consumer-friendly as they are today. The hard drive has changed from an immense room-size machine with the ability to only store a few megabytes of data, to a compact device that can hold a couple terabytes.

It’s fascinating to think how far we have come in regards to storage, together with how much data hard drives can hold, in comparison to the physical size of the device just decades ago.

So, the team over at HDD Mag have created an infographic which takes a nostalgic look at the evolution of hard drives and storage over the years. Check it out below!

Evolution of Hard Drives and Digital Storage

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