If you are on the lookout for quality energy saving devices then search no longer. Energenie provide a whole host of innovative products to make life easier for you, while helping you save money and doing your bit for the environment. The benefits are significant and numerous when you purchase an Energenie product.

Energenie aim to provide solutions for all electrical needs. Energenie have a wide range of products such as eco and electrical solutions that aim to help customers save money around the house, an Energenie range that is compatible with Raspberry Pi and Travel and lighting kits.

Saving money and also reducing your energy usage can be achieved using Energenie’s range of LED lighting and electrical products. The Energenie range of LED bulbs and remote control sockets not only helps the environment, but can also help reduce your energy bill.

Energenie’s smart plugs are the perfect home accessory if you’re travelling abroad. Their home automation service range (Mi|Home) allows you to automate your lighting, electrical products and heating through their app. The range also enables you to monitor energy usage and see real time projected energy costs.

The Mi|Home range also includes integrations from huge companies such as Amazon and Google to provide customers with the complete smart home solution at a very affordable price.

Here are some of the awesome eco friendly products that we stock:

Energenie Remote Control Sockets

Energenie Remote Control SocketsThis radio-controlled socket with controller for use with any domestic appliance. Switch off appliances wasting energy in stand-by to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. The Radio controlled socket is ideal for hard to reach plugs or for people who have restricted mobility as it can be used with any domestic appliance and works with a remote control that can be configured to control up to four different sockets. The remote control does not require direct line-of-sight to operate. It will work even when the socket is hidden behind furniture or in an adjacent room.

Energenie Wireless Open/Closed Sensor

Energenie Wireless Open:Closed SensorWith the Energenie Sensor receive alerts to your smartphone when a door or window is opened. The sensor can also be used on drawers, cupboards, medicine cabinets, safes and much more. Easy wire-free installation; and battery powered. You can connect to IFTTT to control other devices when sensor is triggered, e.g. lights, heating and more. Fully customizable on/off/delay periods by via portal settings.

Energenie 1-Way Light Switch

Energenie MIHO008 1-Way Light SwitchSwitch your existing lights from wherever you are. Free iOS and Android App plus browser interface. Convenient and seemless integration with your existing light switches. Switch on/off via the Mi|Home App or set timers use geofencing or IFTTT to control automatically. Works with Amazon Alexa voice control.

Energenie Double Wall Socket

Energenie MIHO007 Double Wall SocketTake control of your electrical devices wherever you are with the Energenie Double Wall Socket. FREE iOS and Android App, plus browser interface are available. Convenient and seemless integration with your existing wall sockets. Switch on/off via the Home App or set timers, use geo fencing or IFTTT to control your home automatically.

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