Last year, Google launched a new version of their mobile operating system, named Android Oreo 8, which is currently still in the process of slowing making it way around different devices. This update features interesting additions that are perhaps not immediately apparent to users. Alongside the addition of the interesting new features, Indian app developers have already begun to take advantage of the benefits. 

The main message from Google is that this major update is all to do with “Fluid Experiences” and “Vitals”. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at the distinctive features that came with the new Android Oreo 8 operating system which some users are already enjoying.


Android Oreo 8 - Picture-in-Picture

Android Oreo 8 – Picture-in-Picture

Although the Android Nougat 7 operating system features a similar attribute with split-screen apps, the newer Oreo 8 presents a more improved setup.

This feature allows you to do other things on your phone whilst watching a video. All you have to do is to press the home button to shrink the video screen to a corner on your phone and you can begin to do other things, like open another app, check your messages or play a game.

You can even launch any of your apps while the video is on. However, this is not advisable when you are watching an important video as your attention and concentration will be divided. However, it is a nice addition and you should definitely try it out.

Passwords Auto-fill

One of the biggest challenges with using a smartphone is the frequent entry of personal login details. If you can relate to this, I’m imaging you probably enter your login details to gain access into one app or other multiple times a day. Besides, you may sometimes forget your password when they are too many of them.

Android Oreo now makes it easier for you to fill in passwords with the new auto-fill feature. The feature stores all of your login details. Once your login details are stored, anytime you try to log in with any supported app, the feature will ask if you want automatic filling with any of your usernames and passwords. Once you accept, your login details will be filled in.

Smart Indian app developers have already developed similar apps that are even more secure. Some of them include Dashlane, LastPass, and 1Password.

Snooze Notifications

Android Oreo 8 - Snooze Notifications

Android Oreo 8 – Snooze Notifications

Instead of using the notification channels options, this feature allows you to defer notifications for a particular chosen time frame. For instance, if you snooze notifications for an hour, you won’t receive any notification until after an hour.

Notification Dots

Once you have received a notification on a particular app, a notification dot will appear beside the app. This way, the notification will not distract you from whatever you are doing. When you are less busy, you can then tap the app and all the notifications will pop up. This will help you concentrate on your study in the library or when sat at your desk at work.

Android Oreo comes with new emojis too but this is not a real big deal. Besides, they are not much different from the ones on Nougat.

Auto-Enable Wi-Fi

This feature enables your Android device to connect to any high-quality Wi-Fi around. If you have been using your mobile data and your device gets a strong signal from any high-quality Wi-Fi, it will switch to the Wi-Fi automatically. This helps you save your mobile data. For instance, if you are approaching either your office or your home and you are the one driving, you may not be able to make the switch until you park your car properly. This is where the feature is highly beneficial. It will make the switch automatically.

Notification Channels

Android Oreo 8 - Notifications Channel

Android Oreo 8 – Notifications Channel

This feature enables you to prioritize your notifications. For example, you may be busy and are not wanting to be distracted by frivolous notifications, whilst at the same time, you are on the lookout for another more important notification. This will make it difficult for you to just switch off your phone or switch it to on to aeroplane mode.

Thus, Android Oreo has a better option for you. With the Notification Channels feature, you can prioritize your notification into 4 categories; low, medium, high, and urgent. Any notification set to urgent will make a sound and perhaps vibrate your device. At the other end, notifications set to low will not make any sound nor appear on the phone screen. You only get to see these low priority notifications when you are navigating or scrolling through your phone.

Faster Response

Android Oreo loads faster and responds faster than Nougat. In fact, the average boot time for devices that run on Android Nougat is 35 seconds. This figure has dropped to an average of 13 seconds for Android Oreo. This also means that apps will load faster and respond faster to the latter.

Battery Conservation

What mostly drains the battery on smartphones are the apps that run in the background. So, Android Oreo takes care of this by automatically disabling all the apps that are running at the background while the device is idle. The only exception is your email synchronization. This way, your battery and memory are conserved.

Smart Text Selection

Android Oreo 8 - Smart Text Selection

Android Oreo 8 – Smart Text Selection

Another difficult task on Android smartphones is text selection. It will definitely take you several attempts to get it right. With this feature, it is now less tedious. The feature allows your smartphone to automatically select certain text elements like an email address, residential address, or even phone number. After that, you will also get a set of options related to what you selected. For instance, if you selected a phone number, you will get options like:

  • Add to contact
  • Send SMS

It will also open your dial pad with the number already typed, you will only need to dial it if that is your intention. If you copied a residential address, it will ask if the address should be opened in Google Maps. And if you copy an email address, the system will bring up all your email accounts so that you can choose the one you intend to send the email through. A pretty nifty feature that will save you time when using your smartphone.

If you have not upgraded your Android operating system to Android 8 Oreo, these are the features you are already missing. So, what are you waiting for? Do the upgrade immediately.

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Author Bio: Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in New York, USA & India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring the latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column.

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