December Photography Competition Winners

December Photography Blog Competition

We are excited to announce the winners of the final 2016 monthly photography competition.

It was a fantastic end to a year of great photography on the blog with over 5000 images submitted into the competition. Many thanks to everyone that entered, we are working hard on making 2017 even better.

December’s theme was togetherness with the 1st place prize being a Tom Tom Action Camera and four runners up prizes of an Integral 64GB Action Camera Micro SDXC with 4k recording capabilities. Many thanks to Integral for sponsoring the last 2016 competition.

Overall Winner Lulanian – Pair

I really like the way this image is framed, it’s as if we are peering into the private lives of a top and trousers through our fence. This is nicely composed and an interesting take on the theme of “Togetherness”.

1. ErikSvec – Timi & Zia

A wonderful portrait of a horse and it’s owner in a beautiful sun-kissed setting. I really like to the eye contact from both subjects. Very strong!

2. Liam Yeo – Bitter rivals but best of friends

Lovely image and nicely composed with the line on the pitch leading your eye to where the football is.

3. Jessie Luc – Togetherness

It won’t take you long to work out that these are the best of friends, the photographer must know the subjects very well or he is an expert at making people relax in his/her company. Good job!

4. Stephen Ash – All together now

Nice image with so much more potential. I would like to have seen less darkness at the bottom of the image and more sky. Perhaps going closer with a wider angle would have worked or even using a longer lens further away!

Lexar Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the year

Here are the top five images with the most votes from December’s competition. Each winner receives points and the points are added up at the end of the year with the winner receiving £1000 and the runner up winning £250.

Click here to see the overall winners list

1st Place Image by Liftedfuture called Togetherness50 points

2nd Place Image by Liftedfuture called Sisters40 points

3rd Place Image by Liftedfuture called Best friend30 points

4th Place Image by Gilang7211 called Given the shared history20 points

5th Place Image by Gilang7211 called father and son10 points



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