Other than your home, your car is possibly the single most expensive item you possess, and after investing thousands of pounds into your vehicle, you will undoubtedly want to do the utmost to protect it.

While using a dash cam has been a requirement for the likes of taxi and truck drivers, many mainstream drivers have been adopting the use of the technology. Similar to the smart camera found in your house, a dash cam allows you to record cases like collisions and ultimately take control of the security of your car.

What’s a dash cam?

A Dash Cam is a digital video camera that is mounted to the dashboard in your car, which records a video and audio recording of your journey. It can also be an important tool for ensuring safety on the roads and speed up proceedings in the courts and with insurance companies. There has never been a better time to buy a dash cam, not just for reasons linked to legal and insurance claims but for peace of mind.

There are a large number of variations of the different types of dash cams available. Some have extra features which can include multiple lenses, built-in Wi-Fi for easy file transfer, and numerous parking modes, which could start recording when an impact is detected. So if someone knocks your wing mirror when you’ve left your car in a car park to do the weekly food shop, you will have a better chance at uncovering whose responsible for the damage.

There are 3 main types of dash cams:
  • Front View:  Front view cameras are the best when wanting to capture everything in front of you, but lack the capability to see what’s occurring behind your vehicle.
  • Front and Rear View: These type of dash cams provide the ability to record both the front and rear view from your vehicle.
  • Cabin View: Cabin view cameras offer a bird’s eye view of what has happened inside your car. This may be effective if you want to check on your own driving or if you share a car.

Why should I install a dash cam? 

On the spur of the moment, it’s very easy to miss what actually occurred in an accident even when you are sure that you had a full view of the road ahead. Having a dash cam installed in your vehicle could enormously help to settle disputes, claims and even improve the way you drive.

In relation to dash cam footage, the BBC has reported that “Forces in Norfolk and Suffolk said they received about 150 videos a month from the public – double the amount from last year.”

Carry on reading to discover a few of the most important reasons as to why you ought to consider installing a dash cam in your own car.

Provides evidence:

Let us suppose you have been part of a collision with another vehicle, and the driver who caused the crash is trying to pin the blame on you even though it wasn’t your fault. If you have a dash cam installed, you could provide law enforcement with video footage of hard evidence demonstrating what clearly happened.

Cheaper car insurance:  

Insurance companies in the UK value dash cams so much, that they typically offer a discount on car insurance if you have a dash cam installed in your car. Many accidents that happen on the road aren’t clear. Thus, insurers appreciate dash cam footage as it provides a helpful way to evaluate claims. Additionally, from a personal point of view, if the other party were to be responsible for an incident, a dash cam could help you resolve a dispute swiftly by ensuring you don’t have to pay any additional fees.

Improve the standard of driving :  

Alongside making drivers become more road-savvy and pick up on bad driving habits, the use of a dash cam could also assist a learner driver with information and help them to progress with their driving skills.

Take control of your vehicle.

You might be wondering why do I need a dash cam when I’m a good driver? It’s not necessarily your own capability you need to worry about when on the road, it’s others. So take control and install a dash cam for peace of mind.

If you are looking to purchase the best dash cam for your car, then check out our extensive range of dash cams from our website now.
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