Someone at the door? Well, now there’s no need to walk all the way out to check who it is. With the Clever Dog Doorbell, you can see who your visitor is straight from your smart device from anywhere in the world. Not only that but you can also speak with that person through the App.

It requires no wiring, and is a child’s play to set up. It has a rechargeable Lithium battery that gives the bell almost 4-6 months of stand-by time.

That’s right, the time has come to replace your regular doorbell with the smartest one around.

Clever Dog Doorbell AppKey Features

No wiring necessary, no installation required, set  up in minutes just by fixing the doorbell with the screws (provided) and connect it to the available WIFI connection.

Long Lasting Lithium battery, with made in US low-power-WiFi chip, ensures that your bell has stand by time of 4-6 months. You’ve only got to charge it once every few months – that’s it.

Maximum Security, Maximum Comfort: You can check who is at the door from your smart phone, whether you are in the bathroom, or in your bedroom watching TV, open the door for people you are expecting, not the unwanted visitors

Two way communication, Visitor Recording, 32GB MicroSD Inbuilt Slot – Once connected over the Wifi, this bell supports Two Way communication. Your bell needs to get WiFi connection and your phone needs to be on internet (anywhere in the world). You can speak with the visitor and also have vistior recording thanks to 32GB MicroSD inbuilt slot.

Easy to install, Easy to use, thanks to the beautiful APP: Cleverdog APP makes it extremely easy to use this bell, it is designed keeping in mind maximum user comfort. If you can use Wassap and Facebook, you can use this APP.

Get your Clever Dog Doorbell here now!

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  1. How do I increase the volume of the external doorbell? The person who has rung my bell cannot hear me.

    1. Hi Simon

      Make sure you have enabled the microphone, by tapping the mic button. The volume is connected to your phone’s volume so if you increase the volume on your phone it should increase the volume of the doorbell.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Guys

    Do you stock the wired version of this doorbell? I have used a Ring doorbell for a few years but have had a lot of issues with this.

    1. Hi John,

      Unfortunately we don’t stock a wired version of this doorbell at the moment.

      If that changes we’ll be sure to let you know.

      Have a great weekend.

      Ben, MyMemory

  3. Do you use the screws on a upvc door or do you use the sticky bit to attach it

  4. Hi I have this doorbell and struggling to record also where to put a 32gb Micro SD?

    1. Hi Becky,

      Sorry to hear this. If you could email our customer services team at email support@mymemory.com. or if you prefer, you can speak to the team directly via the Live Chat service on our website, and they will be able to help you with this.

      Kind regards,

  5. Hi can I also use the door bell for outdoor security or only if a visitor calls

    1. Hi Eileen,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, the Clever Dog Doorbell can be used for visitors and also helps maintain your home security through motion and infrared sensors. When movement is detected, you will receive alerts and active video recordings.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.


  6. I am struggling to make the wired video doorbell work properly as when I connect the wires on the outdoor bell, the original chime rings continuously. The new chime works with batteries so I can not connect the receiving wires to the new chime and don’t know what to do with the wires on the original chime so that they don’t ring continuously when the doorbell is connected. Can you please advise on that?

    Please note that I have already contacted the support team and they suggested I ask this question in this blog!

    1. Hi Nefer,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I’m very sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Clever Dog Doorbell. I’ve just spoken to our someone from our customer support team and I can confirm that they will be in touch with you to assist.

      Kind Regards,

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