On average, it is estimated that 70,000 thoughts pass through our minds each day. As we grow older, this number rises, and our mental power diminishes. Our memory is a muscle – we have to exercise it if we wish to keep it fit for everyday tasks. Thankfully, the rise of smartphones has made these exercises easier than ever.

Nowadays, we have a lot of mobile apps that improve memory and cognitive performances. But what are the best ones? Through testing and comparing, we have rounded up a few of the best games out there. So carry on reading to discover the best 8 apps for memory improvement. 

1. Lumosity

Numbers and letters make Lumosity a challenge for your brain and memory power. Each “session” involves three different games that are constantly changing at random, which really make your brain work. If memorizing patterns wasn’t difficult enough, then a limited amount of time surely accomplishes this.

Michelle Wood, an employee engagement consultant for an assignment help site, says that Mobile brain training games are one of her favourite activities for her team of writers to do. The reason is that their work is mundane and they tend to suffer a writer’s block. She states:

“We try some games before putting them on our list. My team and I downloaded Lumosity and started challenging each other. We all found it much easier to approach tasks with an ‘exercised memory’. These games are an investment in your future mental performance.”

Lumosity homepage | Photo: Lumosity

Lumosity homepage | Photo: Lumosity

2. Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer provides you with a more versatile approach to mental exercise. Instead of the traditional format, Fit Brains Trainer focuses on different sections of the brain. There are also numerous mechanisms that urge you to complete daily challenges and have a fit mind. Different categories are represented by different colours, tracking your progress.

The game is completely free and doesn’t feature any invasive adds. We would recommend it for people that want to memorize certain aspects better, such as words or storylines.

Fit Brains Trainer homepage | Photo: Five

Fit Brains Trainer homepage | Photo: Five

3. CogniFit Brain Fitness

What makes this app different than most of its kind, is the concept behind it. A team of neuroscientists worked hard to design a game which enhances cognitive performance, regardless of the situation. There are several modes, including one which puts you against your friends. Every single statistic is tracked, giving you a clear overview of your performance.

Spending 15 minutes playing CogniFit Brain Fitness each day will help improve your problem-solving skills. The first four games are free, but after this, you have to pay $13/month.

CogniFit Brain Fitness homepage | Photo: CogniFit

CogniFit Brain Fitness homepage | Photo: CogniFit

4. Happify

The basis of Happify lies in improving your outlook when faced with a problem in life. Instead of just containing puzzles, this app also has several options for enhancing overall well-being and combating stress. A favourite feature of ours is the gratitude journal, in which you are urged to write the top 5 things you are grateful for.

Happify improves both your mental state and outlook towards life. This makes it an ideal choice for people who often feel overwhelmed and stressed. It’s completely free.

Happify homepage | Photo: Happify

Happify homepage | Photo: Happify

5. Clockwork Brain

Most memory-improvement games feature a modern, almost futuristic design. If you’re looking for a change in that department, try Clockwork BrainWith an old-school design, Clockwork Brain is comprised of several modes and games, each structured like an old factory workshop. This brilliant idea is executed to perfection, giving us a refreshing take on mobile games to improve memory.

The interface paves the way for interesting puzzles and quizzes. After using the app for a few days, we could already see improvements in mental dexterity.

Clockwork Brain homepage | Photo: Clockwork Brain

Clockwork Brain homepage | Photo: Clockwork Brain

6. Elevate 

Holding the title for the best app of the year for iPhone in 2014, Elevate encourages brain training through more than 40 minigames. Each game has been created to boost various skills, including skills in memory, math and speaking.

The app will provide a daily, weekly or monthly rundown of your performance, as well as comparing how you did to other users if requested. The basic version of the app is free for both iOS and Android users and as stated by the creators of the app, “the more you train with Elevate, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills that are designed to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence.”


Elevate homepage | Photo: Elevate

Elevate homepage | Photo: Elevate

7. Eidetic

What we love about Eidetic is their unique approach to mental exercises. Instead of just random games, the game allows you to memorize numbers, facts, and details important to you. By inputting phone numbers and other information you choose, custom exercises are born. Spaced repetition allows you to improve memory and build it from the ground up.

If you’re not a fan of the classic exercise formats, you should definitely try Eidetic out and see how can it aid you and your progress.

Eidetic homepage | Photo: Eidetic

Eidetic homepage | Photo: Eidetic

8. Peak

Designed to push you to challenge you with short, intense workouts designed around your life, Peak boosts your skills with a series of minigames that test your focus, memory, problem solving, mental agility and more.

Developed with the help of scientists from universities across the world, including some from the University of Cambridge and Yale University, Peak offers a personalised plan to train your bran called ‘Coach’. The ‘Coach’ feature will challenge you with new workouts, track your progress and keep you motivated. 

Peak homepage | Photo: Peak

Peak homepage | Photo: Peak

Through constant memory exercises, you invest in the future. With only a small amount of time each day, you can ensure yourself a much better and productive old age. Additionally, you will see your work and educational performance skyrocket with these apps. Use them and take advantage of the mental health benefits they provide.

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Author Bio: Cathy Baylis is a freelance content writer specializing in personal growth, leadership, and education. She loves sharing her interests with readers, and she has something to say, for sure. 

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