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Best Memory Cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Are you looking for the best memory card for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus? Then look no further.

This year, Samsung unveiled two new devices in the Galaxy Note lineup – rather than just releasing one, as the company have done in previous years. The Note 10 is the smaller device with a 6.3-inch screen, while the Note 10 Plus has a larger 6.8-inch display. Display size isn’t only the main difference, either. The Note 10 Plus can support a microSD card, whereas the regular Note 10 doesn’t ship with a card slot and lacks the extra DepthVision camera found on the rear of the device.

Overall, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a great addition to the Note family with a Dynamic AMOLED display, in-screen fingerprint sensors, and an increased battery, making it the company’s true flagship phablet for 2019.

Choosing the correct memory card: 

There are numerous factors to take into consideration when choosing a memory card for your device, including performance and capacity. Before choosing your memory card, you first need to understand the device’s capabilities. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus has an internal storage capacity of up to 512GB, depending on what model you own, and can take a micro SD card of up to a staggering 1TB in capacity.

There are several cards that work well with this phablet. So to help you out, we have rounded up a short list of the best micro SD cards for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Check them out below!

Samsung 512GB Evo Plus Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 + Adapter - 100MB/s

Best Overall

Samsung 512GB Evo Plus Micro SD – 100MB/s

Coming straight from Samsung itself, the Samsung EVO Plus is the perfect partner for your high-spec Note 10+. With astonishing performance and reliability, this card allows you to shoot rich and detailed 4K UHD videos straight from your device. The EVO Plus provides ultra-fast read and write speeds of up to 100MB/s and 90MB/s, respectively, and can withstand up to 72 hours in extreme conditions. Plus, this card adds 512GB of storage. Available here.

MyMemory 128GB V30 PRO Micro SD (SDXC) A1 UHS-1 U3 + Adapter - 100MB/s

Best Budget

MyMemory 128GB V30 PRO Micro SD – 100MB/s

Lower cost doesn’t mean you have to compromise on speed or space. Enjoy more space for photos, videos, music and apps with the MyMemory 12GB V30 PRO. These superior cards offer super-fast transfer speeds of 100MB/s so you can record high-definition video and take burst mode photos with confidence. Plus, a lifetime warranty allows you to rest easy knowing you can manage your most important moments without worries – all for under £15! Available here.

SanDisk 1TB Extreme V30 Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 - 160MB/s

High Capacity

SanDisk 1TB Extreme V30 Micro SD – 160MB/s

Earlier this year, SanDisk introduced the world’s fastest 1TB microSD card, and it’s able to be used in your Galaxy Note 10+. A huge 1TB capacity will allow you to store more photos, videos and data than ever before. Quick read and write speeds of up to 160MB/s and 90MB/s, allow you to transfer high-resolution photos and 4K video in rapid speed. Plus, it’s A2-rated for an exceptional smartphone experience and faster loading of apps. Available here.

SanDisk 64GB Ultra Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I A1 + Adapter - 100MB/s

Lower Storage

SanDisk 64GB Ultra Micro SD – 100MB/s

Looking for a memory card with a lower storage capacity? If you don’t plan on needing too much extra space on your Note 10+, then the SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD cards offer plenty of storage. Ideal for Android-based smartphones and tablets, A1 rating means that the card is specifically designed to enable the smooth loading of Apps. With Video Class 10 and up to 100MB/s transfer speed, this card makes a fantastic option for your device. Available here.

Kingston 256GB Canvas React Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 V30 + Adapter - 100MB/s


Kingston 256GB Canvas React Micro SD – 100MB/s

When it’s a question of being tough, the Kingston Canvas React is as tough as you can get. This card has been extensively tested and proven to be waterproof, temperature proof, shock proof and X-Ray proof, so you can take it anywhere with confidence that your photos, videos and other data will be protected, even in harsh and unstable conditions. Plus, it’s designed to be as fast as you are with super-fast read speeds of 100MB/s. Available here.

SanDisk 256GB Extreme Pro V30 Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 +Adapter - 170MB/s

Ultimate Performance

SanDisk 256GB Extreme Pro V30 Micro SD – 170MB/s

The SanDisk Extreme Pro line of memory cards offers super-fast speeds of up to 170MB/s for the ultimate performance and 4K UHD. If you are looking for a top of the line card for your high-spec Android device, then this is it. These cards are durability-tested to protect your memories from life’s mishaps. It’s also A2-rated, so you can get even faster application performance and can support 4K UHD video recording, Full HD video and high-resolution photos. Available here.

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