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Best Memory Cards for GoPro Fusion

Are you looking for the best memory card for your GoPro Fusion? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The GoPro Fusion features a rugged design and is waterproof up to 5 meters, making this camera built for the outdoors.

As well as GoPro’s 360-degree action camera being able to record video in 5.2K resolution, and in 30 frames per second, it features an over-capture software, numerous sensors, amplified audio and voice control. You can view full specs of this device, over at TechRadar.

What is the GoPro Fusion’s micro SD card capacity?

There are numerous factors to take into consideration when choosing a memory card for your camera, including performance and capacity.

Before choosing your memory card, you first need to understand the device’s capabilities.

Memory cards will fill up quickly when in use due to the high-bitrate recording. Therefore, GoPro recommends not using a card any smaller than 32GB. The Go Pro Fusion can take a micro SD card of up to 256GB in capacity, but we recommend using a card between 32GB to 128GB in capacity.

Another important factor to take into consideration is how many memory cards the Fusion takes. You will need two memory cards installed for the camera to work and it won’t work with just one. The memory cards do not need to be identical but you must make sure they meet the camera requirements. So this means that you can combine various brands, speeds and capacities.

There are several cards that work well with this action camera. So to help you out, we have rounded up a short list of the best micro SD cards for the GoPro Fusion. Check them out below!

SanDisk 64GB Extreme Plus A2 Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 + Adapter - 170MB/s

Best Overall

SanDisk 64GB Extreme Plus A2 Micro SD – 170MB/s

Extreme memory to optimise your Action Camera’s performance. This card delivers the speed, capacity, durability, and quality you need to make sure your adventure is captured in stunning detail. It delivers 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video recording and playback, with read speeds up to 170MB/s. Available here.

Samsung 32GB Evo Plus Micro SD Card (SDHC) UHS-I U1 + Adapter - 95MB/s

Best Budget

Samsung 32GB Evo Plus Micro SD Card – 95MB/s

Complete reliability combined with a powerful performance allows you to secure and manage your most important moments on an EVO plus card. Alongside fast read and write speeds, this card resists salt water, extreme temperatures, x-ray scanners at airports and magnetic fields. Available here.

MyMemory 128GB V30 PRO Micro SD (SDXC) A1 UHS-1 U3 + Adapter - 100MB/s

High Capacity

MyMemory 128GB V30 PRO Micro SD A1 – 100MB/s

MyMemory Premium High-Speed Micro SD cards are the perfect partner for your high-spec GoPro Fusion. With up to a capacity of 128GB, these superior cards offer super-fast read and write speeds allowing you can record high-definition video and take burst mode photos with confidence. Available here.

SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro Micro SD Card (SDHC) UHS-I + Adapter - 100MB/s

Ultimate Performance

SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro Micro SD – 100MB/s

The SanDisk Extreme Pro line line of memory cards offers super-fast speeds for the ultimate performance. If you are looking for a top of the line card, then this is it. These cards are durability-tested to protect your memories from life’s mishaps and perfect for the tough conditions a GoPro is put through. Available here.

Kingston 128GB Canvas React Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 V30 + Adapter - 100MB/s


Kingston 128GB Canvas React Micro SD Card V30 – 100MB/s

The Kingston Canvas React microSD card is designed to be as fast as you are, capturing 4K video or taking stunning burst-mode photos when the action does not stop. This card is tested to be durable, even in harsh conditions, so you can be confident that your memories will be safe when using your GoPro. Available here.

Integral 64GB UltimaPRO-X2 V90 Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-II U3 + Adapter - 280MB/s

High Speed

Integral 64GB UltimaPRO-X2 V90 Micro SD Card – 280MB/s

The UltimaPRO X2 micro SD card from Integral is a professional grade memory card designed to complement the latest action camera. An advanced chip-set delivers blistering read and write speeds of up to 280MB/s and 240MB/s, respectively. Allowing ultra-fast speed for your GoPro Fusion. Available here.

If you are still looking for the best microSD cards for the GoPro Fusion, be sure to visit our website now to check out our full range of compatible cards.

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