If you are having to ask yourself what the heck is CES then I am afraid to say you arepowervision.me way out of tune with what is going on in the world of Consumer Electronics.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES 2017) is a show held annually in Las Vegas to showcase the latest and greatest of gizmo’s and gadgets that will enrich our lives for the coming year and beyond.

It is such an important showcase of products that every year we look for a selfless volunteer from within MyMemory to place themselves on the frontline and go to Las Vegas so we can see first hand what will shape the future for our customers.

Whilst it took many attempts to contact our intrepid volunteer, we finally managed to get hold of our team member John and with his help have collated a list of the best products we could find at this year’s CES 2017.

In no particular order

1. Airblock

Airblock Drone

A Modular Drone that can be turned into anything your imagination can come up with. This drone will also allow you to programme it too. The best thing is that it is indoor friendly and won’t dent your walls! At the moment the drone is just a concept but you can get a taster of the project by visiting their Kickstarter page here.

2. Poloroid Pop

Polaroid Pop

Turn your smartphone’s digital camera into a device that prints 3″ x 4″ prints that will take you back to the days when polaroid cameras were the biggest things since sliced bread. Not out until later this year but we could not wait to tell you about it now. Find out more here about the Poloroid Pop here.

3. Underwater Drone

underwater drone

This underwater drone will take your fishing to the next level. Capable of diving to depths of up to 30 metres and searching for fish with it’s sonar up to 40 metres away, this bad boy of the underwater world will make sure you catch the biggest of fish all day long! Find out more about the Powerray here.



At only 3.85mm thin including the wall mount, you could practically wallpaper the TV onto the wall. Not only is the TV super thin it is 4K and optimises the content of the screen to produce the best possible image for your viewing pleasure. Oh and it is 77″! Watch out though, this is going to be expensive! Find our more on LG’s website here.

5. Aristotle

aristotal mattel

If you have had the pleasure of having your child ask you the same questions over and over again then why not invest in an electronic assistant that will not only answer all your child’s questions but will read, sing and play games with them too. Problem solved!!! Find out more about how to get your child off your back here!

6. Lego Boost

Lego Boost

The guys from Lego have come up with a simpler and cheaper version of Lego Mindstorm called Lego Boost. It will let your children (or you) create and programme just about anything your imagination can come up with and will keep them (you) entertained for many hours, whilst learning at the same time!! Everyone’s a winner! Visit Lego Boost here.

7. Kuri Robot

Kuri Robot

This 20″ tall robot actually looks like a robot! It has blinking eyes and sounds a little like how a robot should. So forget about the menial tasks you want it to perform just have it positioned around the home as a piece of fine looking art. It also can monitor your home, who is there, send you photos, audio and let you know of any unusual activity taking place. Find out more on the Kuri website.

8. Levitating Portable Speaker

levitating portable speaker

LG’s latest speaker, the Levitating Portable Speaker, does exactly what it says on the tin. Do we need to say anymore…….well, yes. This Bluetooth speaker provides a full 360-degree surround sound experience lasting for up to 10 hrs on a single charge. This speaker has been rated IPX7 so can be listened to whilst outdoors even whilst it is raining! What we like about this speaker is the fact that when it runs out of power it automatically descends to the base station to recharge. Visit the LG website to find out more about all the latest LG products launched at CES 2017

9. Kerastase Hair Coach

Kerastase Hair Coach

If you’re like me and have beautiful flowing hair (and there are not many of us in the MyMemory office) and take your hair seriously, then this product is for you. Kérastase, a leader in professional luxury hair care, in partnership with Withings announced the Kérastase Hair Coach the world’s first-ever smart hairbrush. In-short the hairbrush monitors the quality of your hair and brushing to give you a rating. An additional mobile app provides insights and customised product recommendations to you take better care of your hair. Brush on over to this link to find out more.

10. Hypersuit

Theory Hypersuit

Theory has developed a whole body exosuit called Hypersuit. The suit is designed to give you the sensation you’re really flying through virtual worlds all whilst lying down in your living room, controlling your movements with your arms. The company behind the product, Theory have paired with the HTC Vive and have demonstrated base jumping, space and superhero experiences. There is no price or date for release yet. Fly on over to Theory to find out more!

Christian Keenan
When not blogging for MyMemory Christian Keenan is a professional photographer.

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