Have you ever been out for a nice Sunday lunch with friends only to end your meal with the complicated task of how to split the bill?

Are you meant to split the bill evenly? Or do you tally up each item consumed individually? How much should each person leave for a tip? Who is paying with card or cash?

All of these questions make what should be a simple task seem difficult, and can end up wasting your time. Luckily, technology has your back. Using a bill splitting app to split costs with friends or family, can help to eliminate the confusion and ensures everyone receives the correct money that they are owed. Sit back, relax, and let the app do the work for you.

We have rounded up 5 of the best bill splitting apps, whether you looking to divide payments with roommates or are after a restaurant bill splitting app, these recommendations will help you to calculate expenses the right way.


Splitoo allows you to easily create guaranteed payments in one easy to track place. Need help splitting the restaurant bill? Splitoo enables users to instantly set up a plan and share with others to split the cost. Use the app to easily determine how much you need to earn and how often you want to be paid. Then, immediately share your plan with anyone via a personalised link on email or your chosen social media. Yet, Splitoo doesn’t have to be used just for splitting the restaurant bill. Why not use the app to divide the cost of Netflix with your housemates, set up a small business as a dog walker or avoid chasing mates for pitch money when you are playing 5-a-side football.

Best bit: The app allows you to share just about anything with friends and family, while all your payments can easily be tracked in one place.




This versatile, free cost splitting app allows you to split, pay or receive payments in a diverse number of situations. The app keeps a running total of what is owed – from the £50 you lent your younger brother last weekend to the water bill you need to divide with your roommate, Splitwise is ideal if you are often needing to keep a record of expenses. You can form different groups with various people and break up what each person owes. Keeping a running total over time means that you can pay each other back in one large payment, rather than a bunch of small ones. The app even sends reminders to everyone at the end of each month, so any debts can be paid off. Although, your balance can be settled at any time.

Best bit: This app allows you to split costs in various circumstances between multiple people. Whilst a simple PayPal transfer makes it easy to settle any outstanding debts.




acasa is an app that takes the hassle out of managing household finances with the people you live with. The app even notifies you of any service switchovers, when next months bills are due, and even confirms when everyone has paid. Instead of having one person stuck with the responsibility of making sure the bills are paid on time, share the duty between housemates in acasa. Alongside splitting and managing all of your major household bills, you can use acasa to manually track any other expenses which are shared within your house – from toilet paper to rent, you can use the acasa dashboard to see who owes what. Splitting bills with roommates can become a complicated task, let acasa make it simple. It’s perfect for uni students who are wanting to focus more on going out and less on bills … *cough cough* we mean studying!

Best bit: The app allows you to split, track and receive budgeting insight on all household spending – from toilet paper to rent, acasa does the maths for you. Best of all, it’s free to use.



Settle Up:

Settle Up is an app that keeps track of your group’s expenses, whether that be your flatmates, friends or your other half. The app is able to cover many different scenarios and helps you and your gang settle debts. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are unsure whether one of your group has paid you back for the money they owe you? Using Settle Up will ensure that there are no more disputes over the bill. Do you find yourself travelling internationally often? Settle Up is able to add the day’s local exchange rate to the transaction to help you on your travels. It can even store previous exchange rates within the app.

Best bit: It can handle a variety of payment scenarios, while the share function allows you to send expenses via social media, e-mail or WhatsApp.

Settle Up

Settle Up


Tricount allows you to manage your group’s expenses from both your mobile phone and web browser. The bill splitting app easily identifies expenditures and balances within a group. The ‘Expenses’ page provides a list of all costs and expenses, while the ‘Balances’ page presents a detailed section of any outstanding debt. Users will be able to process any debts via PayPal or direct payments. Perhaps one of the best features of Tricount is that it works in offline mode – you might yourself in a situation where you don’t always have an internet connection, say if you are on holiday or travelling, but you will still be able to add your expenses to Tricount. Tricount is very simple to use, just fill in the costs – and let the app do the calculations for you.

Best bit: This ‘split expenses app’ clearly distinguishes between the money you are owed and money you owe, and with instant notifications, you’ll be updated when any edits are made.



We hope our list of the best bill splitting apps will help you to easily and quickly split expenses between family and friends. In a community that is quickly shifting towards a cashless society, calculating or collecting the correct money everyone owes can be a tedious task. So, are you ready to give one of these apps a go and let them do the work for you?

Never let a roommate forget to pay the Wi-Fi bill or worry about dividing the bill evenly whilst paying for lunch, with these easy-to-use apps. Is there a cost splitting app that you’ve come across which isn’t on our list?

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