Best April Fools Tech Pranks

best april fools tech pranks

There’s a time and place for pranks to be played on our friends, family and co-workers! Thankfully, for those of us that enjoy a good laugh at others expense, this time is upon us!

It’s not easy deciding which jokes to play on your unsuspecting victims. Perhaps you have attempted several in the past including some of the greats like the electric handshake, whoopee cushion, exploding cigar and the hot peppery chewing gum. These tried and tested classics just can’t be beaten but times are changing it is now the era of the Tech Prank!

To help facilitate your, not so evil plans, we have put together a list of some of the Best April Fools Tech Pranks around. These are sure to annoy your victims and have you and your pals rolling around in fits of laughter!

what are the best april fools pranks

1. Get hold of your victims unlocked phone and make your way to your name in their contact list. Change your name to Mum and when the time is right, start sending some awkward messages. Be careful, this one could backfire if you are too extreme with your messages!!!

broken screen joke

2. You will have to get hold of your friend’s smartphone for this one. Go to the App Store or Google Play and download one of the many cracked screen apps and install it onto your victim’s phone. You can then pretend to drop the phone and watch the unfolding drama ensue!

April Fools Joke

3. Give your “friend” the impression that their desktop computer has frozen by taking a screen shot of their current screen and set it as their wallpaper. Watch as they try and click on the icons and nothing seems to work. You could even get creative and design your own wallpaper screen with some random message.

The keyboard switch

4. There is nothing more entertaining than watching someone struggle with something that has always worked one way, to then suddenly start doing the opposite of what they expect to happen. It can be very funny!! For this prank, all you have to do is go to the settings of the friend/colleagues computer and change the keyboard settings from the British/U.S Qwerty system to the Dvorak system and then sit back and watch the humour unfold.

rotate screen prank

5. A simple and effectively frustrating April Fools Day joke is to rotate your victim’s computer screen, this will send them into a tizzy and you into laughter heaven as they scratch their head trying to work out what’s going on! Just go to the computer’s screen settings to get this up and running!

Enjoy your April fools day but be careful in choosing your victims, not everyone is as game for a laugh as you!


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