Red Bull Illume is, according to Red Bull, “the world’s greatest international photography contest” dedicated to action and adventure sports. Bringing in entries from over 120 different countries and looking at the recently announced winners it is hard not to agree that Red Bull have a point.

Over 5,500 photographers submitted 34,624 images for the 2016 competition with the overall winner receiving a massive €40,000 voucher from Japanese electronic consumer goods company Yodobashi and numerous category prizes from companies such as Sony, Broncolor, Tamrac and G-Technology.

Having so many entries Red Bull drafted in 55 photo editors to whittle down the submitted images to 11 category winners and one overall winner.

Have a look at the winning images and let them inspire you to go out with your camera and take some amazing sports and action images!

The overall winner is: Lorenz Holder

Red Bull Action and sports photographs

© Copyright Lorenz Holder. All Rights Reserved.

Category: Mobile
Photographer: Vegard Aasen

Red Bull Photography Competition

© Copyright Vegard Aasen. All Rights Reserved.

Category: Wings
Photographer: Micky Wiswedel

Redbull Photography contest

© Copyright Micky Wiswedel. All Rights Reserved.

Category: Spirit
Photographer: Dean Treml

© Copyright Dean Treml. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright Dean Treml. All Rights Reserved.

Category: Close-up
Photographer: Denis Klero

Photographer Denis Klero

© Copyright Denis Klero. All Rights Reserved.

Category: Energy
Photographer: Luke Shadbolt

Luke Shadbolt Photographer

© Copyright Luke Shadbolt. All Rights Reserved.

Category: Sequence
Photographer: Daniel Vojtech

Daniel Vojtech Photography

© Copyright Daniel Vojtech. All Rights Reserved.

Category: Lifestyle
Photographer: Jody Macdonald

Jody Macdonald Photographer

© Copyright Jody Macdonald. All Rights Reserved.

Category: Enhance
Photographer: Dean Treml

Dean Treml Photographer

© Copyright Dean Treml. All Rights Reserved.

Category: New Creativity
Photographer: Ale Di Lullo

Ale Di Lullo Photographer

© Copyright Ale Di Lullo. All Rights Reserved.

Category: Playground
Photographer: Lorenz Holder

Lorenz Holder Photographer

© Copyright Lorenz Holder. All Rights Reserved.

Christian Keenan
When not blogging for MyMemory Christian Keenan is a professional photographer.

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