August Photography Competition Winners

MyMemory Photography Competition

August’s competition yielded some amazing images of those long “Summer Days”. We are therefore delighted to announce the following winners of the competition.

Overall Winner

August 2016 Eriksvec

Congratulations to Eriksvec with this fantastic image of a lady running from a wave breaking on the beach. You can see the enjoyment in the ladies face despite running for her life. The winning image is called “Run!”. Erik wins a Samsung Galaxy Tab3. Well done Eriksvec!

1st Runner Up

1st Runner Up August 2016

This image is taken by cliffro called “Sunset over Boracay”. Each runner up wins a 128GB Integral Smartphone & Tablet Memory Card

2nd Runner Up

Tony Smith August 2016 Photography Competition

Excellent image taken by Tony Smith called “Lazy Days and Sundays” of a perfectly calm sea with a what looks like a beautifully relaxing voyage.

3rd Runner Up

3rd Runner Up August 2016 Photography Competition

Lovely image photographed by Milady Valkyrie called “Swimming in Sunset”. If there was an image that made me want to go for a dip in the sea it’s this one.

4th Runner Up

4th Runner Up August 2016 Photography Competition

A lovely image of a lady entering a serene lake as the sun sets! This image is taken by ynwaphoto and called “Ready to Swim”.

5th Runner Up

2016 5th Runner Up Photography Competition

“Summer Days in the Meadow” is the name of this image taken by hattysue. We just love the scattering of colours within this scene. Hatty along with the other runners up wins a 128GB Integral Smartphone & Tablet memory card.

Lexar Photographer of the Year Competition

Photographer of the year

Here are the top five images with the most votes from August’s competition. Each winner receives points and the points are added up at the end of the year with the winner receiving £1000 and the runner up winning £250.

Click here to see the overall winners

1st Place image by LiftedFuture called Summer Sunset and Eagle – 50 points

voted 001 august 2016 photography competition

2nd Place image by LiftedFuture called Double Rainbow after the Rain – 40 points

Voted 002 LiftedFuture

3rd Place image by nat2005 called Summer Sunset – 30 points

Voted 003 August 2016 Photography Competition

4th Place image by Gilang7211 called Summer in Indonesia – 20 points

Voted 004 August 2016 Photography competition

5th Place image by Gilang7211 called Tanjung Aan Beach – 10 points

Voted 005 August 2016 Photography Competition


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