Bink: The Loyalty Points App


What is Bink?

Bink is a brand new mobile app that automatically collects your loyalty points and offers, without the need to show your loyalty cards at the till, so you will never miss out again! It securely links payment cards to loyalty schemes so all you have to do is pay as usual and your points are automatically collected on all eligible purchases. Yes, even those 99p transactions that you don’t normally bother getting your loyalty cards out for!

Bink puts you in control, by giving you access to all of your loyalty memberships in one simple to use app; you no longer need to carry around lots of cards and it is quick and easy to earn the rewards you deserve. Not only this, you can also watch your points grow as you spend more, see what they are worth and receive personalised offers from your favourite brands, all in one place.

How does Bink work?

Bink links payment cards with loyalty cards, this means that we can send the transaction details over to your loyalty providers. This is how they know when you visited their stores so they are able to award the right amount of points to the right membership account.

Which loyalty programs does Bink support?

Bink currently supports the addition of over 130 different loyalty schemes, to see the full list tap the ” + ” button from your wallet, select “Add a Loyalty card” and tap “Enter manually”. This is the full list currently, but we’re adding more and more…so keep your eyes peeled.

To find out which of these auto-collect look out for the pink tick on the front of your card!

What are the benefits?

  • Automatically collect your loyalty points and offers when you shop at some off our partner stores
  • Access your rewards balances from all of your eligible loyalty schemes in one place
  • Know the monetary value of your points (if appropriate) and the non-monetary rewards you have, from coffee shots to exclusive benefits
  • See your most recent transactions (where available)
  • Receive personalised offers from your favourite brands
  • Link directly to your favourite brands’ websites
  • What’s more, they’ll let you know when you’re missing out on points because your shopping somewhere and not part of their scheme, helping you to join quickly and easily

How do I use Bink?

  • Download the free Bink app by searching ‘Bink’ on either the ‘App Store’ or ‘Google Play’
  • Create a Bink account using Facebook, Twitter or your email address
  • Scan your loyalty cards into the app
  • Link all of your loyalty accounts using your login details for each of your schemes (just the once)
  • Scan your payment card(s) into the app
  • Bink will then link everything together
  • Finally, shop (and pay) as you usually would to automatically receive your loyalty points on eligible purchases at their partner stores
  • That’s it! Simple, safe and secure – sit back, relax and never miss out on any of your loyalty points or rewards again

Bink iOS

Is Bink secure? How safe is my information?

“We take security very seriously and keeping your personal details safe is very important to us. We’re working with Visa, MasterCard & Amex and if they can trust us, so can you.”

Bink are a PCI Level 1 service provider which means that they meet the highest level of security standards set by the industry and will always protect your data with bank level encryption. You can also secure your app with Touch ID and/or passcode for that extra layer of security.

Available on the App Store & Play Store now!


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