Based in the Netherlands, AER started as a group of friends trying to get the most out of their GoPro’s. With their eyes on the goal of changing the game of aerial photography and videography, they worked on improving the AER as a product and as a brand every day for the past year. The hard work has finally paid off and they are now able to get the AER mass-produced, as well as their office being located on a University campus, allowing them full access to prototyping facilities and experts in engineering and business all within walking distance.

Drones really opened the eyes of many a photographer to cool new perspectives on the world, and now this nifty (and affordable!) little gadget allows you to throw your action cam as high or as far as you want to enable you to capture birds-eye POVs and moving shots from angles you wouldn’t normally get. They designed AER to survive heavy impacts and have full trust in their product.

AERIt’s super easy to set up, it doesn’t need charging or calibrating. The wings slide smoothly into each other, forming a solid stabilising tail. All that’s left is for you to pop your action cam into the foam head casing and simply screw it all together. The foam bumper in the front reduces the impact while the hard case safely protects the camera at all times. The head is made from Polypropylene, the bumper and the wings are Expanded Polypropylene, and the AER is produced with 100% renewable energy!

It will now come in three colours, blue, orange and black and with a useful little nylon bag known as “The Aerbag” that is also water-resistant and can house the AER as well as all your other action cam gear.

AER ThrowThey have several kickstarter campaigns which you can check out on their page. Available for Pre-Order and allegedly set to ship this month (December), keep your eyes peeled as we’re hedging our bets that this is the beginning of something really exciting.

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