Isn’t photography like a touch of eternity? A moment captured, stolen from time to be kept forever. Or maybe, photography reminds you more of storytelling, that makes you question or understand what is outside of its frame? One thing is certain, it is a form of art and an inspirational hobby that can take you on many adventures. Especially in today’s society, where we are taking photos of everything and everywhere. If you are a beginner, you must take special care of your camera and gear. The best way to do it is by choosing a proper backpack for it. 

There are several things to think about when choosing a backpack. What gear do you want to carry with you? Just your camera and tripod, or you might be needing a laptop as well? In what environment are you pursuing your passion for photography, in urban jungles or rainforests? What kind of weather will you be exposed to? When you know your equipment, you will be able to choose the right backpack. We are about to help all the newbies out there, by giving you the 5 best camera backpacks.

1. Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack   

Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack

Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack

Do you love to hike and carry a lot of equipment? If you answered both questions with yes, then this backpack would be a great choice for you! It has a capacity for two cameras, eight lenses, a tripod, a laptop and a tablet. Compartments have configurable dividers, enabling you to adapt it to your needs. Its name says it all, large indeed! You can fit a 15.6’’ laptop in it! But there is also space for odd small items, like memory cards and such. There is a side pouch as well. Put the water bottle in it! You are going to need it on your hikes. Your equipment is safe thanks to the PVA armoured front panel. One bad side to this amazing backpack is that it isn’t fully waterproof, although it is water repellent. So, when it starts raining make sure to use the included rain cover. One more thing! There is an additional single camera bag to be worn around the waist for easy access.    

2. Burton F-Stop 28L Camera Backpack

Burton F-Stop 28L Camera Backpack

Burton F-Stop 28L Camera Backpack


Burton, famous as a snowboarding brand, is not so well known for its camera bags. Yet! But things are changing in 2018, and Burton bags for cameras became most searched for among camera-related terms this year. Hopefully, they found Burton F-stop Camera Backpack when they were searching. This backpack is actually popular among photographers, and we found out why. This is one tough backpack! Not just because of its looks or rustic military green colour, but it’s made of hard-wearing coated nylon and has very strong ergonomic straps. This must be a very comfortable and secure way of carrying your camera around. Removable storage pocket, side pouch, and an interior that’s padded and customizable. For more details on the pros and cons of this bomb-proof backpack, head to this review.   

3. Beschoi Waterproof Camera Backpack

Beschoi Waterproof Camera Backpack

Beschoi Waterproof Camera Backpack

Do you prefer to keep your feet on the pavement and take photos in the city? If yes, consider this one. Beschoi Waterproof Backpack looks neat and has multi-functional compartments, customizable dividers, and versatile organization. It can hold one camera and multiple lenses, while one lens has the possibility of being very long. It can also fit a 14’’ laptop and all thanks to its one big adaptable padded compartment. At the top, you can quickly access your camera, while at the bottom you can easily find your lenses. If you suddenly decide to go hiking, don’t worry! Shoulder, chest, and waist straps are heavily padded and the mesh fabric provides ventilation, offering maximum comfort.

4. MindShift Gear rotation 180° Panorama

MindShift Gear rotation 180° Panorama

MindShift Gear rotation 180° Panorama

It does mean a thing if you do have that swing! Now here’s a catch for those who are both adventurous and practical! Easy access is a priority here, together with lightness. MindShift Gear rotation 180° Panorama has an effective rotating design. The waist pack is secured with a magnetized latch on the side, that you can unlock with your thumb. When you open it, just swing the waist pack around to the front using the big handle on the side. Putting it back is just as simple. Since the latch is magnetized, once within an inch of the device it automatically clicks in. It is possible to do this in a matter of seconds. Even the rain cover won’t stop you from swinging your camera out and around. High-quality material, offered in bright blue and charcoal colours, it has everything an outdoor photographer needs, whether a journalist or a birdwatcher!

5. Lowerpro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack

Lowerpro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack

Lowerpro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack

Now here comes the one that delivers on all fields. It has a simple urban look and much more to offer. The moulded turret-loading top, quick-grab from both sides, and fullback entry for set-up and security make this backpack very accessible. It fits two cameras, a 15-inch laptop, a tripod, eight lenses and a lens that can be 70-200mm lens (f/2.8). What’s also great about it is that it includes a SlipLock strap system, which enables you to attach additional gear! With this backpack, you can definitely get value for money. To find out more details about this incredibly versatile backpack, be sure to take a look at this review on the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack.

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