In this day and age, it’s hard to come across someone who doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet. We are a generation that isn’t only obsessed with the internet, but actually probably couldn’t really function without it anymore. Need directions for somewhere or lost? Google Maps. Trying to find the best place in town to eat? Ask Siri. Want to check the weather forecast for tomorrow? There’s a multitude of apps out there that can give you hourly updates. Whatever you need, your smartphone will cater for it, but that’s not what I’m trying to get at here.

Obviously you more than likely will never get lost in your local living area, and chances are you know all the best places to eat, the problem is when you go abroad and you’re struggling with communicating with the locals, or you get recommended a local eatery that’s on a different street.

Everyone knows that when you travel, phone usage is restricted (at the best of times) to a sparing phone call, or the occasional “I’m still alive Mum” text, because we all know that when you’re in holiday mode and completely carefree, you turn on your Data Roaming and worry about the consequences when you return back to real life because let’s face it, not being connected to the internet sucks! The last thing you want to worry about on holiday is bill shock when you get home (Three customers save an average of £202 using their phones abroad vs other carriers). It really takes the panic out of using your phone abroad so you can enjoy the stuff that matters.

Go Roam Destinations: 

With Three’s PAYG SIMs, you can switch Airplane Mode off and keep on roaming all fuss-free, no lengthy contracts or carrier promises, just pay as you go. No longer do you have to a buy a local SIM card for every destination you visit, 3 PAYG SIMs now work in 71 ‘Go Roam’ destinations including the USA, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Greece and many more.

Go Roam Destinations | Photo: Three

Go Roam Destinations | Photo: Three

If you’re like me and hardwired to your smart device, then the 3 PAYG SIM card is an essential pre-holiday purchase that should be at the top of your list. It comes in a range of GBs, suitable for all your internet requirements. Do you need help using your PAYG 3G Trio Data SIM? Or perhaps you’re wondering how it works? If so, head to our 3 PAYG SIM Pack: Why, Where, and How guide for answers to all of your questions.

Thinking of purchasing a 3G Pay As You Go SIM? Head to our website now to view our full range of Three SIM cards.

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