Rejecting a phone call with a flick of a wrist? Lowering your stress levels? Getting better at flirting? It sounds crazy that a single gadget could do all these things for you, but with the Apple Watch, nothing is impossible!

There are plenty of fancy tech products on the market that claims they will magically make our lives better, but the Apple Watch is one of the rare gadgets that actually delivers on that promise. The possibilities are endless with this sleek and super-practical device!

Forget fumbling around with your ringing iPhone while driving or carrying overfilled shopping bags down a busy street. The Apple Watch has made answering and rejecting calls easier than ever. Your Apple Watch will light up when you get a call, and all you need to do is tap the red button to reject the call, tap the green one to answer it, or just transfer it to your iPhone, Bluetooth headset or the speakerphone in your car.

Apple Watch can also save you from that embarrassing situation when your phone goes off in a silent meeting room, and you have to dig around in the bottom of your bag or in your pockets for what seems like ages until you finally reach your phone. With an Apple Watch on your wrist, just discreetly move your hand over the screen, and the call will be rejected.

Are you stressed out all the time and feeling out of shape? Well, you might consider getting an Apple Watch then. The ‘Breathe’ function on your Apple Watch will remind you to take deep breaths and relax during busy days, while the workout app will help you achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Looking for things to do with your Apple Watch? The team over at The Watchstap have created an infographic to show 20 cool things you can do with your Apple Watch. Check it out below.

Courtesy of: The Watch Strap Co
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