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Apple iOS OTG

Apple iOS OTG Flash Drives

In a world where we consume, create and capture content multiple times a day, it’s easy to run out of space on your Apple devices. At MyMemory we stock an easy-to-use range of Apple OTG Flash Drives, from leading brands such as SanDisk and Lexar, so you can save all of your photos and videos and still have room for more.

What is an Apple iOS OTG Flash Drive?

An Apple OTG Flash Drive is a powerful yet simple-to-use solution that quickly transfers photos and videos from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac or PC, all without cables, internet connections, or bandwidth limitations. In addition, it maintains the original photo or video resolution quality.

What different sizes are available?

We stock a wide range of Apple iOS OTG flash drives, starting at 16GB and increasing in size up to 128GB, so you’ll have plenty of room to expand the memory of your iPhone or iPad.

How fast is an Apple iOS OTG flash drive?

Lexar and SanDisk iOS OTG flash drives are powered by USB 3.0 performance. This means that they provide a high-speed transfer rate, so you can easily move files on the go. For instance, the Lexar JumpDrive C20i 3 in 1 iPhone/iPad OTG USB 3.0 model has a transfer speed of up to 95MB per second.

Check out our full range to find out more about how an Apple iOS OTG flash drive can expand the memory of your iOS device.


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