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War in the North only a month away

War in the North only a month away31 October 2011 12:30:06

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has provided memory card owners with an epic preview of its forthcoming and eagerly-anticipated new role-playing game.

The company has released the launch trailer for Lord of the Rings: War in the North, a month ahead of the title's November 25th debut.

Events in the game take place simultaneously to Frodo's journey to destroy the ring.

Gamers can experience the fantasy adventure either on their own as an elf, a dwarf or a ranger, or can choose to create a fellowship of three in the cooperative mode.

Characters must develop by learning new skills and abilities and players must ensure their weapons are the best they can be before Sauron's forces in the north are finally vanquished.

The game is based on Peter Jackson's multi-Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy, which, in turn was adapted from JRR Tolkien's novels.

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC gamers will be able to purchase the game.

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