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Kinect 2 to come bundled with the Xbox 720?

Kinect 2 to come bundled with the Xbox 720?29 November 2011 13:22:12

Latest rumours suggested the highly anticipated Xbox 720 may come bundled with the Kinect 2 as standard!

Eurogamer reported that "Microsoft plans to release a next-generation Kinect device so accurate it can lip read" and can "...can track the pitch and volume of player voices and facial characteristics to measure different emotional states". These improvements are a giant leap forward over the current generation Kinect.

There are also reports that the Xbox 720 may come in two flavours, a cheaper pared down machine to appeal to the current generation of Wii gamers and a more fully-featured machine that will appeal to the current generation of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gamers.

The Xbox 720 and Kinect 2 are expected to be officially announced during next years E3 event.

What features would you most like to see featured in the Xbox 720? Head over to our Facebook page to join in the conversation...

Source: www.eurogamer.net


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