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Kingston unveils secure USB flash drives

Kingston unveils secure USB flash drives17 February 2011 15:32:51

Flash memory specialist Kingston has unveiled two new USB drives designed to offer secure storage to enterprises.

Called the DataTraveler 4000 (DT400) and the DataTraveler Vault - Privacy Managed (DTVPM), both offer portable storage with a range of security features to prevent sensitive information being accessed by others.

The DT400 uses military-grade encryption and is designed for corporations that require high-level protection for sensitive information.

It is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated for the entire cryptographic module - not just the security processor as with some other solutions

Meanwhile, the DTVPM package is designed to give corporations centralised control of all USB activity.

Features include password control, device state management, file audit log and file restrictor options to control what file types may be saved to the drive.

Last month (January) Kingston unveiled its USB 3.0 flash drive product roadmap for 2011, which included Kingston's fastest USB 3.0 drive to date - the DataTraveler HyperX 3.0.ADNFCR-2752-ID-800411869-ADNFCR

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