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BlackBerry Bold 9900 'to offer plenty of storage space'

BlackBerry Bold 9900 'to offer plenty of storage space' 3 August 2011 15:25:35

The new BlackBerry Bold 9900 might be an attractive enough proposition to help drive up sales of memory cards when it is released.

According to the manufacturer, the device will offer users upto 32 GB of additional storage space, on top of the 8 GB available internally, with the use of a memory card.

In addition to this, it boasts a five megapixel camera so people might be keen to make sure they have plenty of room to save their snaps.

The product is not yet available but BlackBerry is offering to send people who are interested further details when they are made public.

People may find the 9900 is among the products that helps handsets overtake computers in terms of popularity.

Nicholas McQuire, research director at the International Data Corporation, recently told the Financial Times Connected Business podcast that smartphones were likely to surpass PCs in the near future.

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