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Intel and Micron team up to produce tiny 120GB memory solution

Intel and Micron team up to produce tiny 120GB memory solution18 April 2011 16:22:42

Intel has teamed up with Micron to start work on developing an ultra-small, high-capacity memory card.

Revealing their joint plans, the firms have stated that they aim to reduce the size of Intel's smallest NAND flash chip by as much as 40 per cent.

This will enable hardware manufacturers to make use of more room, with the mobile phones and tablets of the future potentially having larger screens or enhanced batteries as a result.

Furthermore, CIO has also reported, the two firms are now working on ensuring that such small SSDs (solid state drives) are able to hold as much as 128GB of data, with the new technology expected to be ready for mass production before the end of the year.

"Our goal is to enable instant, affordable access to the world's information," Intel's vice president and general manager of non-volatile memory Tom Rampone was quoted as saying.

This comes just days after Intel confirmed that its latest processors are to be made available for a range USB 3.0 devices, including emerging 'Thunderbolt' technology.


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